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Thursday 24 September 2015 at 7pm, Meeting House, University of Sussex, Falmer, BN1 9RH

Friday 25 September 2015 at The Warehouse, 13 Theed Street, Waterloo, London SE1 8ST

New Music Players celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of 'Alice in Wonderland' with a concert of new scores for very early silent film by Ed Hughes; plus new works by postgraduate students at the University of Sussex and Ed Hughes's Night Music, performed by pianist Richard Casey.


Rowland Sutherland, flute; Fiona Cross, clarinet; Katie Stillman, violin; Michael Atkinson, cello; Richard Casey, piano


Ed Hughes: Night Music (25 September: London premiere)

Ed Hughes – Alice in Wonderland (world premiere)

Barnaby Hollington – À Ne Pas Suivre (world premiere)

Tom Reid – The Hammer Revisited (world premiere)

Danny Bright – Branch Lines (world premiere)

Daniel Semo Puratic - new work (world premiere)

Lee Westwood - …and the stars were like pinpricks in the black fabric of night (world premiere)

Ed Hughes – Voyage to the Moon (world premiere)

Ed Hughes’s work over the last decade has been influenced by music and the moving image, and in particular responses to silent film. Two new works extend this interest to very early and iconic films from England and France, Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow’s ‘Alice and Wonderland’ (1903) and George Méliès’s ‘Voyage to the Moon’ (1902) which both in different ways explore ideas of fantasy and the dreamworld, also common to Ed Hughes’s recent opera ‘When the Flame Dies’. In Hughes’s Night Music, for solo piano and live electronics, the virtuoso and often dissonant soundworld of the piano is counterpointed with pure electronic sounds, and archive film from the aerial campaign conducted by the allies in the second world war: the intention is to revisit these difficult images in order to obtain a nuanced and reflective appreciation of their moral complexity, through the use of music and silent film. The evening is completed with new works from PhD research students at the University of Sussex.

  New Music Players, 3 Morley Close, Lewes, BN7 1NQ tel/fax:01273 470068  

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